As of October 01 2017, anyone booking with Rubicon 3 will need to purchase the travel insurance provided through Rubicon 3. This gives you total peace of mind that you are covered. No matter what.


Why do I have to purchase this insurance?

Everyone coming on board has always had to have travel insurance. However, our expeditions are unusual in their range and location and we have consistently found crew have arrived with inadequate insurance. Insurance companies and their sales agents have often misunderstood the definition of 'offshore' or confused paying crew with professional crew, have not accounted for crew heading ashore... the list is endless. Our priority is your safety and well being and we have to be certain that should anything happen you will have the insurance in place that you need. To ensure this, we decided to produce bespoke insurance that has been built specifically for Rubicon 3.


I already have travel insurance. Do I have to buy the Rubicon 3 insurance?

Yes. As we mention above, too many of these existing travel insurance policies, once you get down to the small print, simply do not cover you for what you are undertaking with Rubicon 3. We accept that some will and we know that is frustrating. We are not allowed to say whether your insurance is adequate or not, neither is it practical for us to go through the small print of your policy, confirm details with your broker, double check your situation and then conclude whether the policy is correct or not. This applies to bespoke sailing policies as we ll as normal travel policies. We hope you see our problem!


What does the insurance cost?

The cost of the insurance is directly linked to the rating of your trip.

Explore rating: £50

Voyage rating: £70

Expedition rating: £90


Who is covered?

Everyone. No matter your age or nationality, as soon as you have booked your trip and paid the premium, you are covered. At the time of booking (post October 01 2017) you will be asked to complete a medical declaration form. So long as you have done this (& it hasn't shown up any anomalies), you will also be covered for any pre-existing medical conditions.


What do I get with this insurance?

Ultimately, peace of mind. You can be sure that you have the correct insurance, no matter which expedition or voyage you are on, which part of the world you are sailing in or where you are based. The full coverage you get with this insurance will be posted up here shortly, but it is totally comprehensive.


What if I have already booked with Rubicon 3?

If you made a booking with Rubicon 3 prior to October 01 2017 you are not required to purchase this insurance. However, if you wish to do so you are welcome to. Just let us know and we can arrange it. We would recommend it, as it is the perfect insurance for these trips!



For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to chat through the details.


Do have a look at our Facebook page. We post as often as we can from each expedition. It's the best way to see where we go, who goes on these adventures and what daily life is like on board. The photos page in particular will give you a great feel for it all!

Strictly no smoking on board. E-cigs are fine.

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