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Marine electrical training

Marine electrical training

Marine Electrical Course

Portsmouth November 30 – December 01 2019


Essential electrical knowledge and skills that every sailor should have

It doesn't matter how well you maintain you boat or how good a sailor you are, eventually you are going to have an electrical failure. These are often very minor, but unless you have the basic knowledge and skills to analyse and fix the problem, the whole boat can be disabled. The essential skills are not difficult to learn - but you must have them!


Rubicon 3 Unit 2, Haslar Marina Haslar Road Gosport PO12 1NU   There is parking available or we are just a five minute ferry ride from Portsmouth Harbour railway station & Gunwharf Quays.

Course overview

This course is largely practical, with some key theory included as and where required. The focus is more on giving you the skills you need to diagnose and fix common problems, rather than trying to teach you every aspect of electricity. You will be working with batteries, overcurrent protection, crimps, wire, multimeters and more. The course covers both DC and AC electrical systems.


Day 1 – Key skills

Key theory - understanding voltage, amps, watts and resistance

Batteries - start vs house batteries. Series and parallel configurations. Amp hours. Cold cranking amps. Care and life cycles.

Wire - different types. Sizing for circuits. Crimping skills. Heat shrinking connections

Overcurrent protection - Fuses versus breakers. When to use. How to test

Understanding and fault finding in circuits

Day 2 – Practical development


Using a multimeter

Diagnosing and fault finding circuits

Key hints and tips with common boat systems.

You will finish the weekend having had lots of hands on experience with the key equipment and having diagnosed and fixed a variety of common boat electrical problems. This weekend will give you the skills you need to get out of trouble with the most common problems you are likely to face.