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Read about the core skills required on board and lots of hints and tips about how to make the most of your time with Rubicon 3

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What to pack for your sailing trip

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In general What equipment and clothing to bring for sailing - and how much to bring - are always the big questions for crew and we totally understand that. The best generic guidance we can give is to imagine that you are going for a week in the hills or the mountains. If you think of that type of clothing and equipment, you won't go far wrong. Beyond that we say don't spend money unless you want to. The chances are that you already have most of what you need and a lot of fancy branded sailing equipment is both expensive and not very good. Especially when you're fairly new to the sport, keep your money in your pocket. How much? The next question is always how much to bring. Within reason you can bring what you like as we have quite a lot of storage space on board the yachts. The usual airport allowance of 20kg / 44lbs of luggage is not a bad guide. Any more than that and you've probably over packed! In what? What you pack your clothing and equipment in is vital. It needs to be in a soft bag that can be rolled away. Yes, that means no metal frames or hard backs. It needs to be in a duffel style bag. If you do bring a hard backed case or bag that cannot be rolled away, there is a good chance you will not be able to bring it on board. We have suggestions of what to use below. Does it change by region, season and type of trip? Yes, absolutely. For this reason we've given three different traffic lights - w for cold weather, w for moderate and w for warm weather. We've also given a 'sailor's pack' of equipment that keener sailors, or those coming on more advanced trips, should think about bringing with them. In summary Don't worry too much and if in doubt bring more. So long as you have hats, gloves and warm clothes, plus your usual toiletries and such like, you will be fine. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. We're here to help!

Foul weather clothing

You will be issued with a set of Gill foul weather jacket and salopettes. These are replaced every second season, so you can be sure you will have top quality protection from the elements.

Fladen Immersion Suit

Fantastically warm, these all in one suits are incredible for when it gets cold up on deck. You will feel toasty warm all day long or through a long night watch. Essential gear for high latitude trips and RIB transfers.

Sailing kit list - what you need to bring

Clothing Underwear www Bring a fresh set for every second day you're on board Socks www Bring a mix of thinner socks and some thicker, woolly socks. A fresh pair every second day is a good guide. Thermal base layers w For upper and lower body. Merino wool is excellent but expensive. There are lots of options out there. Mid layer - upper www Bring a selection of T-shirts, polo shirts or long sleeved shirts. You might be wearing a couple of these at any one time, so bring a few. Mid layer - lower www A pair of thick hiking trousers, fleece lined snow boarding trousers or our new favourite - soft shell trousers. These will be what you wear just about every day, so bring a couple of pairs. Don't go crazy - we buy ones costing between £50-70 and no more. Fleeces and jumpers ww You need to bring at least two good, thick fleeces or jumpers. These are going to be critical to keep you warm, so choose carefully. We usually pack two mid weight fleeces and one really thick woolly jumper. Mid weight jacket www You will wear this pretty much every day, only changing up to your foul weather jacket when it rains. Any jacket will do that is shower proof, wind proof and reasonably warm. We strongly recommend the Rubicon 3 mid weight jacket, as used by our skippers and mates. It is lightweight, waterproof and very effective. See more here. Waterproof boots ww These don't have to be sailing boots - even normal wellies will do fine. You can spend a fortune on Goretex lined sailing boots. They are great, but make sure you are going to eb a regular sailor before investing. In the meantime, we''d stick to rubber sailing boots costing around £60. Casual clothes www There's no dressing up on these expeditions, but bring a selection of shore clothes. No restaurant owner likes people coming in wearing dirty sailing clothes! Woolly hat and gloves ww It's really important that you bring two hats and two pairs of gloves. if one set gets lost or wet, you need to be able to keep warm. We don't really rate the thick sailing gloves. They are not good when wet, hard to get on and pretty expensive. Instead go for a pair of thinner working gloves (see below) and a thick woolly pair. Snood ww The classic neck warmer that is a godsend when it gets windy and cold. Swimming costume www Wherever your are, bring one. You may want to jump in even when it's icy, but also sometimes the best showers are in the local pool. Flip flops www Great for keeping cool on shore and essential for those dirtier shower floors in some marinas and ports. Essentials Sleeping bag ww The boats are warm inside, so a medium weight sleeping bag is absolutely fine. If it has a long zip it's better as it give you more temperature flexibility but don't worry and don't spend money that you don't need to! Sleeping bag liner w If you are on a warm trip you can probably do without a sleeping bag and just use a silk liner or similar. The Caribbean is usually around 75°F at night, but just occasionally it can be colder. Toiletries and a towel www Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, razor, deodorant and whatever else you need. We would bring a normal towel for comfort, but a travel towel is also good. Sunglasses and sun cream www Sunglasses are essential at sea for every trip as the UV is reflected off the sea and can damage your eyes. They must be polarised or the damage can be even worse. Good strong sun cream is recommended for the same reason. Glasses and contact lenses www Life is pretty miserable if you forget these. Get a strap for the glasses in case they fall off. Medications www We pretty much insist you bring some sea sickness medication, even if you don't think you'll be affected. This is a holiday for you and feeling queasy is horrible. In the UK, the brands that seem to work well are Sturgeron and Kwells. If you have any other medications such as anti-histamine, blood pressure tablets, insulin, epi-pens etc, please don't forget these. Earplugs www Boats have lots of unfamiliar noises and yes, even the occasional snorer. Bring what you need to block out the noise and and have a good night's sleep. Face-mask ww If you're sailing with us in the high latitudes in summer, the chances are the Sun will never set and it's hard to get these boats dark. If that bothers you, bring a mask to make thre world go dark again! Phone, camera, laptop www Don't forget these, but put them in protective casings so they don't get damaged or broken. Every bunk has two USB charging points, The boat has the UK 3-pin 240v AC power outlets, which can be used when are connected to shore power or when the generator is on. If your equipment has different plugs, bring an adaptor. Refillable water bottle www You'll be constantly rehydrating so having your own bottle with you is a really good idea. Sailor's pack - absolutely not essential Head torch with red light www If your trip has an overnight passage in it, we would really recommend you bring one of these (unless it's summer in the Arctic with midnight Sun). Leatherman or similar www These are really useful to carry with you. You'll use it constantly. Navionics on your phone www This is an amazing app. The chart pack for your area will cost you about £25 and then you can always see exactly where we are. Set of small dry bags ww The fancy way of keeping your kit divided up, organised and dry. What to pack it all in A bag that can be rolled up www We can't stress this enough. If your bag has a hard frame or floor to it, we may not be able to bring it with us. Something like the North Face duffel back (see below) is ideal, but you can buy really cheap ones for £10 and they will be fine too. Plastic bags www The best thing you can do when you get on board is unpack all your kit and put it away in separate plastic bags. Not only will this ensure it doesn't get wet by accident but it will also help you keep organised. If you want, you can buy a set of dry bags but you really don't need to.

Crewsaver Ocean-spec 290N Lifejacket

Having vigorously tested all the leading lifejackets in the seas off Iceland, this Crewsaver jacket was far and away the best. You will be issued one for the duration of your time on board.

Do have a look at our Facebook page. We post as often as we can from each expedition. It's the best way to see where we go, who goes on these adventures and what daily life is like on board. The photos page in particular will give you a great feel for it all!

Strictly no smoking on board. E-cigs are fine.

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