Celestial Navigation Course

2 day intensive shore-based theory course

London, Bristol, Birmingham, Portsmouth  & Glasgow


Do you want to be abel to navigate at sea using just the Sun, Moon, stars and planets?

Join Europe's leading celestial navigation course and we'll give you the knowledge you need.



Courses held  throughout the year in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Portsmouth & London


Only 8 places on each course and they sell out early so grab your place now.





"Before I could do it, sort of. After this course, I actually understood it. Fantastic"

Lucy, self-trained navigator





"I have been on RYA and German courses and this was easily the best course on celestial navigation I have attended."

Peter, German Yachtmaster

Celestial navugation course - using a sextant

More about the course


The magic of celestial navigation

Nothing beats being able to use a sextant to find your way at sea. Fixing your position using Venus, Mars or a star such as Arcturus has a real magic to it. Far our in the ocean, line on your chart intersect and you know where you are.


A subject too often made complex

For anyone who has tried to learn celestial navigation, you'll probably have found it horribly complex and difficult to understand. That is because it has been badly explained, using archaic language and bad diagrams. Even the most highly recommended books, such as Mary Blewitt's 'Celestial Navigation' are, to our mind, fairly impenetrable unless one already understands the subject. It doesn't have to be like this.


It can and should be explained in plain English, quickly and simply

The basics of celestial navigation can easily be understood by even new candidates in less than an hour. It is actually remarkably simple. It just has to be explained properly. We have run this course hundreds of times and the results are amazing. Candidates leave not just able to do it, but with a profound understanding of the fundamental principles.


Teachers who are truly expert in their field make the difference

The truth is, we are self taught in celestial navigation. We had to be, because we never found a course or teacher who could make much sense of what was going on. Most teachers relied on a pro-forma and very little real understanding. It's no wonder that the students left feeling confused and frustrated. Teaching yourself means that you understand the subject matter to a quite different level. We are now sharing that understanding with you, so you don't have to spend the hundreds, maybe thousands of hours that we spent!


We're not just teachers - we navigate the oceans using sextants

That's right. It's one thing to be a classroom jockey, but quite another to regularly navigate using the sextant. Our skippers and instructors are hugely skilled and make a point of enhancing their skills all year round. These guys are quiet simply incredibly good at what they do and will both teach and inspire you.


Get a copy of our celestial course book - the best available by far

That may sound arrogant, but we are that confident. This book is in plain English, with simple diagrams, and everyone wants a copy. We don't sell it separately however. Every candidate who signs up to our weekend course gets a copy for free.

Do have a look at our Facebook page. We post as often as we can from each expedition. It's the best way to see where we go, who goes on these adventures and what daily life is like on board. The photos page in particular will give you a great feel for it all!

Strictly no smoking on board. E-cigs are fine.

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