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Learning to sail in Madeira

  We have just wrapped up our Madeira explorer week with Rob, James, Jacqueline, Lydia, David Sarah. It has been a great trip with weather variations from drizzle to rain to Sunshine, but always with a temperature around 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. We started of in the beautiful resort of Quinta do Lorde, al […]

Hummingbird at anchor

After a lovely evening at anchor star gazing some of the crew rowed over to Ilhas Desertas.  

Crew of Hummingbird 1: BOB 0

After a tasty dinner in Brest, where enough seafood to sustain a small country was gorged we set of to see BOB (Bay of Biscay). Bob could be a mean frightening enemy or a tame pussyfoot and for two days a steady ten knots eased us downwind. This was my first experience of the watch […]

Delayed blog from Oct 19th – Sorry this was missed, ED

I know, I know it has been silence in the Hummingbird blog section.. She has gone through refit for a couple of weeks to make her ready for the Atlantic winter season. We started our trip from Gosport (Gosvegas by the local sailing community) exactly a week ago. Returning customer Daniel from Switzerland, Irish James, […]

Powering across Biscay

It was Monday morning when we left Brest. Restocked and fully planned we set sail for the Spanish Rias.. unfortunately the wind was light the first 24 hours and the engine had to assist the sailing. This did not hamper the great meals brought to the table by James and David and lunches by Daniel […]

Dark and Stormy

We’ve had several days of passage crossing the North Sea in our two watch teams. For some of the crew we’ve now had our first experience of sailing in Force 8 storms! It’s been a mixed bag of weather; we weren’t really expecting it to be a smooth ride, but we’re certainly getting through a […]

205 degrees – Homeward bound

Hummingbird blog Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose….. After a brief fogbound sojourn, Hummingbird left Stavanger under blue skies and bright sunshine. A quick fuelling stop and then it was (fairly) straight out into the North Sea under Andy’s meticulous pilotage. A last fond look at the Norwegian coastline as we set a […]

News from Hummingbird

Tuesday 17th We woke early to Robert’s hearty porridge, which set us up for our first day’s sailing. Some dashed ashore for showers and we all prepared for departure. We hanked on the No3 Yankee and Staysail and prepared lines for departure. Hummingbird left the pontoon perfectly, helmed by skipper Mike. Of course this is […]

Beautiful Glaciers

Day 4 Wednesday Motor Sailing to a Glacier After our day at rest in Bolga, we were eager to make way to the glacier. Weather was still a bit challenging, as we discovered when we slipped lines from the pontoon and were blown around a bit in the marina. However, Roger (at the helm) was […]

Stormbound in Bolga

It was a dark and stormy night on the Norwegian island of Bolga for Hummingbird and her crew. The winds whistled through the rigging and sang us all to sleep. We awoke to a rough sea, dark and low stratonimbus clouds, pelting rain, and Force 7 winds gusting to 8 on the Beaufort scale. Skipper […]


Day  2 started early for the crew of Hummingbird amid a windy forecast.  Graeme expertly reversed Hummingbird off a windy leeward jetty and through a gap into the sea.  Heading into the open sea we were surrounded by the amazing Norwegian mountains .  Sailing under a fully reefed mainsail, yankee3 and the storm jib, the […]