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Thursday 6th Dec

We are 11 days out of Las Palmas and today was a good day. Refreshed from the showers yesterday, we find that we had completed another 200-plus mile day. Had a visit from a dozen of the tiniest dolphins, passed within quarter mile of a sloop heading the same way, shook out a reef and […]

Starling’s international crew members update us from mid-ocean

Translated from Hebrew: “You are too old, don’t even try….your experience is not good for blue water sailing.” Those were the comments when we told people we would be joining Starling for the ARC 2019. We arrived in Gran Canaria, met a group of nice people and got into action: changing sails, ropes, moving gear, […]

Wind seeking

During the past few days I have become very fond of my knee pads, the spinnaker, and warm water. The knee pads will not stop me being first in the bruises competition but at least one area is bruise free. Me and the spinnaker cuddle up when I am too tired to fight my way […]

1000nm left to go

All is happy and well on the good ship Bluejay as we make good speed towards St Lucia. We have a had a little fun with our main heads (toilet) but this seems to now have been resolved. We have been poled out for a few days now albeit on different gybes and the whole […]

Gorgeous eastern point of Madeira with Ihlas Desertas in the background

Learning to sail in Madeira

  We have just wrapped up our Madeira explorer week with Rob, James, Jacqueline, Lydia, David Sarah. It has been a great trip with weather variations from drizzle to rain to Sunshine, but always with a temperature around 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. We started of in the beautiful resort of Quinta do Lorde, al […]

Bluejay back on the big blue Atlantic

It’s been a hectic time for the crew of Bluejay as we prepped for leg two of ARC plus adventure in the Cape Verde town of Mindello. With final provisions in place and all of our pre departure checks completed, our 11 strong crew headed out for the 2000nm crossing to St Lucia. The forecasts […]

Starling is off!

Greetings from the Atlantic high-then low-seas! We are 11 souls on board the good ship Starling, with approx. 300 nautical miles already behind us as we head south then south west off the African coastline. Only another 2400 NM or so to go… We have already spotted dolphins and a friendly whale, as well as […]

Bluejay en route to the Cape Verde islands!

With a degree of trepidation, the crew of Blue jay arrive over a few hours on Wednesday. What have we signed up for? The yacht a 60’ Clipper with its blue hull resting next to the pontoon invites us to board.  Within minutes it’s like old friends meeting except we’re strangers. Bags dropped off and […]

Sailing, training and exploring the coast of Galicia, Spain

We left the anchorage at Cedeira just before the sun made an appearance, as part of operation: make progress west. Ten hours later the evening saw us pull into Camariñas, just north of Finisterre, where we were both grateful for the refuge from the forecast breeze and bowled away by the hospitality of the locals. […]

Starling sails across Biscay

Starling’s crew have had a jam packed time this past week. After the acclimatising safety briefs and intense day of sail training, we spent our first night away from Falmouth anchored in the pretty Helford River – although not for long, as a 5am start called. We set off downwind across the English Channel, sailing […]

Oriole completes her sail from Scotland to Ireland

As the night wore on more sail changes took place and our navigators managed to get fixes while the whole crew settled into the watch system well in the pitch black night. We managed to sail all the way to the entrance to Dublin bay and only resorted to the engine for the final couple […]