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Every year an incredible group of men and women from all round the world come to sail, train and explore on a Rubicon 3 expedition. From complete beginners to experienced sailors, you're a part of something unique. Find out below what makes these expeditions so special.

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Average crew profile Most people who join us are 30-65 years old (although our youngest is 18 and our eldest 78!). There's usually an even mix of men and women and there'll be a mix of complete novices, Day Skippers and sometimes more experienced crew. 80% of crew come alone although couples and groups are always welcome. RYA qualifications Rubicon 3 training goes well beyond the various RYA courses. The certificates are very useful to get, however, and you will be able to earn Competent Crew on any of our trips and other more advanced qualifications on certain trips. Due to the size of our yachts we don't offer Day Skipper. Top quality food Food on board a yacht doesn't have to be pasta, sandwiches and pies. We pride ourselves on victualling with the freshest and most varied food possible. Salads, fresh fish, a roast leg of lamb are all the order of the day, leaving the convenience food for the night sails and rougher weather.
Meet Bruce & Rachael: how and why we started Rubicon 3
Bruce Jacobs and Rachael Sprot, founders of Rubicon 3, Europe's leading provider of adventure sailing holidays which are perfect for singles
True, seaborne expeditions that you can join, no matter your previous experience. Who hasn't dreamt of being far out to sea, headed for distant shores? The sea has always exerted a primal force on us. As Jacques Cousteau said, "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." There is a magic in heading off from Iceland to the east coast of Greenland or a night passage along the coast of Africa, with the distant lights and scents of the shore drifting out on to the ocean. For too many people, it remains just a dream and heading off to sea can seem an impossible dream. Rubicon 3 was set up specifically to help that dream come true. How Rubicon 3 came about Both Rachael & Bruce had worked for many years in the sailing industry before meeting at a sailing school in the UK where they were both instructing. Some years later, they met again in the midst of a bitter winter in Newport, RI USA and as a storm raged outside, they sat down and talked through the night about what worked in the industry and what didn't. Both of them found they shared the same basic beliefs. Too many people weren't fulfilling their dream People were learning to sail with the dream of heading off to distant shores, sailing through island chains or crossing an ocean - but then finding that the training and experience they had signed up to hadn't really delivered the skills and experience they needed. Sailing schools could teach the core skills and this first step was well served by the industry. But what then? A flotilla holiday can only provide so much and ultimately, most sailors have that yearning to head off to more exciting shores, experience the open ocean and arrive at a little visited island or drop anchor in a deserted bay. How and where could this be done? For too many people, the dream stopped right about here. Rubicon 3 was born to enable everyone to Sail, Train & Explore Dawn the next morning saw the room strewn with charts, drawings, pilot books and endless scraps of paper covered in scribbles. The concept of Rubicon 3 had taken shape through the night. Why not take people out on the sailing adventures they had dreamt of? Not as passengers though, but as genuine crew. From the very start of the expedition, they would be navigating, planning, helming and more, all under the expert guidance of a skipper and mate. Previous experience would be no bar to getting involved, but more experienced sailors would also be able to get a huge amount out of it. Asking around over the next few weeks, it quickly became apparent that the idea was a winner. It ticked all the boxes. It just made huge sense. Suddenly, true adventure at sea was available to everyone. Mixing adventure and tuition in a calm, professional environment On too many adventure holidays, you are really just a passenger on a glorified tour, protected from the difficult decisions and reality of true expeditions. With Rubicon 3, you are an integral part of the operation from the very start, even if you have never sailed before. Under the expert guidance of the skipper and mate, you will be trained to become a fully operational crew member and throughout the expedition you will take on an ever increasing amount of responsibility. For more experienced sailors, there is the chance to operate in a serious environment and further develop your skills and experience. "When people talk about the biggest obstacles to the growth of sailing, I’d suggest one word for starters: shouting. The best sailors don’t need to raise their voices, except if there’s a real emergency." Elaine Bunting, editor Yachting World Too many crew join us having had bad experiences in the past with other companies Shouting and aggressive behaviour usually comes with inexperienced and / or under-skilled skippers. The truth is that most new skippers and instructors have gone through a shouting phase at some point. They are not unpleasant people; they are simply under a great deal of stress and lacking in sufficient experience. The good skippers generally look back on those early periods with a feeling of regret and a determination to act better in the future. With increased skill, experience and maturity comes the calmness and situational awareness that allows for a very calm, very professional environment. Rubicon 3 skippers are unfailingly calm, professional and kind Rubicon 3 skippers are what we would call great skippers. A great skipper is far more than just a very skilled ocean-going sailor. They have that calmness and professionalism that comes from years of experience. They also have the personality that allows them to understand and interact with crew really well on a personal level. What this means in practice is that not only are you in great hands out there on the open ocean, but you can be absolutely assured that you are not going to be shouted at or have anyone even raise their voice at you. Instead expect top quality tuition and a superb time at sea under the guidance of a real professional. Now head to the itinerary and pick an adventure!