Celestial Navigation Course

2 day intensive shore-based theory course

London, Bristol, Birmingham & Glasgow


Navigate Using Just the Sun, Moon, Planets & Stars!

Nothing beats being able to use a sextant to find your way at sea. Maybe you've made a three point fix from the Venus, Mars and Arcturus or found your latitude using Polaris. As you plot your position on the chart, you'll feel the magic of having used this ancient art form to find your way.

Learn the Key Elements in One Weekend

Give us two days and we will give you all the key concepts you need to get going with celestial navigation. By Sunday afternoon, you'll understand so much about how the Sun and earth interact, what we measure and why.

Taught in Plain English by Experienced Navigators

Too often this subject is taught in archaic language by instructors with limited understanding. On this course, you will be taught by instructors who navigate all year round using celestial navigation. They understand it so well they can teach you in plain English.


Time to master this subject!





"Before I could do it, sort of. After this course, I actually understood it. Fantastic"

Lucy, self-trained navigator


August 5-6 2017

Dawes Road Hub, 20 Dawes Road, London, SW6 7EN


September 23-24 2017

Arnol Fini Centre (or close by), Bristol





"I have been on RYA and German courses and this was easily the best course on celestial navigation I have attended."

Peter, German Yachtmaster


October 14-15 2017

City centre

Do have a look at our Facebook page. We post as often as we can from each expedition. It's the best way to see where we go, who goes on these adventures and what daily life is like on board. The photos page in particular will give you a great feel for it all!

Strictly no smoking on board. E-cigs are fine.

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